When and how do I start my garden

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When should I start my garden?

It’s best to get started right away! If you wait until fall to begin planting, you’ll have to deal with cold weather and possible frost damage. You may want to consider starting indoors if you live in a climate where winter temperatures dip below freezing. Indoor gardening is a great way to test out different varieties before committing to a full-scale garden.

How do I know what kind of seeds to buy?

You’re probably wondering about the difference between seed companies and seed banks. Seed companies sell their products directly to customers; they don’t store them. Seed banks, however, keep their seeds in storage facilities and ship them to customers. Seed banks tend to offer higher quality seeds than companies selling direct to consumers.

What size container should I use?

If you plan to grow your own food year round, you’ll need a larger pot than if you only intend to grow your crops for a few months each year. A 10 gallon pot will hold enough seeds to last you several years.

Where should I put my pots?

Plants need sunlight, water, and air circulation to thrive. Most people choose to place their containers in a sunny spot. However, if you live in a colder climate, you might want to position your pots closer to the house to help retain warmth.

How much space should I give my plants?

Space requirements vary depending on the type of plant you’re growing. Space requirements for tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are quite small. On the other hand, some herbs require at least 2 square feet per plant.

What tools do I need?

You’ll need a good pair of gardening gloves, a trowel, and a watering can. You’ll also need a shovel or spade to dig holes for your plants.

How often should I water my plants?

Watering is a critical step in caring for your plants. Watering helps maintain moisture levels in the soil and prevents the roots from drying out. Plants need to be watered regularly throughout the day, especially during hot summer days.

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