how to jump start a car

by Ebubechukwu Okoli
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In the event that you’re fortunate (and take legitimate consideration of your vehicle), you could go a long time without having to jump start  your vehicle. Assuming you’re ever in the place of expecting to jump your own vehicle, you’ll be cheerful you know how to make it happen.

Not knowing could how should leave you abandoned for a really long time. Try not to allow this basic expertise to be neglected.

1. Turn the ignition switch to the On position.
2. Press and hold down the brake pedal until the engine turns over.
3. Release the brake pedal.
4. When the engine starts, release the clutch and shift gears.
5. Drive away slowly at first, then accelerate gradually.
6. If you have trouble starting the car, try again later.
7. If the problem persists, contact your mechanic.
8. Once the car is running smoothly, drive safely.
9. Keep the vehicle well maintained.
10. Avoid driving under extreme temperatures.
11. Check the oil level regularly.
12. Change the air filter periodically.
13. Replace worn tires.
14. Be sure to check the battery voltage before starting the engine.

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