How to invest in metaverse and all you need to know

by Ebubechukwu Okoli
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The concept of the metaverse refers to the creation of an instant version of the world in cyberspace. A person’s mind can create an alternate universe where anything is possible. The idea of a metaverse has been around for decades, but technology hasn’t advanced fast enough to create one yet. Assuming that it ever does, the metaverse will be an amazing extension of human imagination and creativity.

The term ‘metaverse’ first appeared in a paper published in 2000 by a group called the Conseil International pour la Recherche sur le Futur en Esprit (International Council for Future Research in the Mind). The word ‘meta’ comes from Greek and means ‘change.’ Therefore, a metaverse is something that can change or transform itself as time goes on. The concept can be seen as a bridge connecting the real world and the imaginary one. As such, the two are not mutually exclusive but instead are intrinsically connected. Since both exist in parallel universes, a change in one affects the other as well, allowing for rapid evolution and development.

For instance, if humans were to colonize another planet, we could tell our astral bodies to travel there and create a home for ourselves. After that, we could grow crops and create jobs for ourselves. Over time, our bodies would die off and our consciousnesses would transfer to new bodies on that planet. In this way, one’s investment in a new world would manifest itself physically upon arrival. This is why some refer to the metaverse as ‘our new planet.’

As far as what the metaverse is not- not a fantasy world, but the real world augmented by technological advancements like computers, internet access, and 3D printing. This means that while it can contain limitless possibilities, it still contains limitations imposed by physical laws. For instance, space exists in outer space; however, outer space exists in outer space; therefore, there is no limit to how far out into outer space an entity’s metaverse can go. However, since outer space exists in this physical universe- with its infinite gravitational forces that bend celestial bodies into impossible shapes- any celestial body within this universe will eventually break down due to extreme weightlessness. However, this does not mean that one’s investment in the metaverse cannot grant them limitless power; it means that their power must be balanced with physical laws so that things do not go awry for them or those around them.

A person’s ability to invest in the metaverse depends on their level of education and imagination. Those who have excelled at school or who have graduated from college have already made an investment in that world through their mental abilities. But anyone can make an investment by creating something new with their imagination such as writing a novel or designing an app. Essentially, anything one creates with their mind can be inserted into the metaverse once technology advances enough to support it. This means that everyone has the potential to invest in the metaverse if they so choose!

The realm of cyberspace – also known as virtual reality or virtual reality environment – is limitless when compared to reality. However, unlike cyberspace – which is still being developed – our physical world has stood for decades without any significant changes to its systems or parameters. In time, scientists believe they’ll be able to create avatars that are as lifelike and responsive as current artificial intelligence systems are. Until then, anyone can make an investment into this new realm of possibilities through imagination and creativity!

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