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GamesRez Review: Is GamesRez.Live Legit or Yet Another Scam??

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What Is is a earning platform that allows its users to earn money simply by completing a task, survey, watching a video, and some other simple task.


After completing the task, users get points that can be used to get cash and a gift card as a reward for the task they completed.


Amazingly, users can choose whether to redeem their points to cash or gift cards.


Honest Review

If you are reading this write-up, it means you want to know how you can earn money on


After we did some research and test run the website. We decided to bring to you the necessary processes involved to make money on Gamesrez.


And at the end of his write-up, you will know how the website works, Is legit or a scam.


Sign up for free and become one of the millions of people around the world who make money from


How to make money on

To make money on this website, you have to earn coin points before getting cash and gift cards on Gamesrez. This is quite easy if you follow this process:


1. Fill in the quick survey: Quick survey to earn coin points on Gamesrez. life requires users to answer a few questions, Complete a survey and receive your reward of 360 coin points.


2. Install the Deriv Go App and register: Installing the Deriv Go App and registering via the Gamesrez website gives the user a 330 coin point.


3. Play games: Playing games on requires users to enter their mobile number to subscribe to games.


And after playing the game Gamesrez gives the user 195 coin points.


4. Invite a friend: Once your friend signs up on with your referral code. You get 200 coin points once someone registers with your code.


5. Install and register to kucoin via and earn 360 points.


6. Check in daily on Gamesrez to get 30 points


7. Take the free survey and earn 120 points.


8. Gamesrez keeps updating its website with new offers. So many of the new offers might not be listed here.


On the Gamesrez website for every 1000 Points, you get 5$ USD.


Users of should stick to the website terms and conditions, to avoid issues while trying to withdraw.


How to go about Referral

Navigate to the Referral section by clicking the three-line icon at the top of the website homepage.


Click the refer and earn option, there you will find your referral link and unique referral code you can share with your friends & Family.


How to withdraw on

There is no real threshold for Gamesrez, once your point can make money. has made the withdrawal of money on its platform easy because the redeem button which is responsible for the withdrawal of money is readily available at the site homepage.


1. Click the redeem icon at the top of the homepage


2. Choose from the payment method which includes: Payeer, Paypal, Google play card, Amazon gift card, Freefire diamond, Bubc us.


3. Input the necessary information about the payment method you choose.


Who is the founder / owner of

Gamesrez is yet to reveal its owner/founder.


And this seems to be a trend among websites that pay for surveys to not reveal their owner.


We promise to bring the name of the owner once the website finally reveals it.


When was launched

Surprisingly, this site was not just launched recently. has been in existence since 2019. This survey site is now over a year old.


Very few platforms are over one year old and still pay. So it’s safe to say that this platform is one of a kind.

This site is new many of which are yet to be known by many individuals.


Where to Find

Gamesrez can only be found only on their website.

And can be accessed across all countries of the world. Login Process

After creating a Gamesrez account. Log in simply by:


1. Clicking the link

which automatically redirect you to the site login and sign up page


2. Select the login option


3. Input your email or username and password


4. Click on the login


How to carry out Sign up process

1. Clicking on the link automatically redirects you to the log-in and sign-up page of Gamesrez.


2. Select the signup option


3. Fill in your full name, username, email, confirm email, password, referral code (optional)


4. Click on sign up


Make sure you enter the accurate information so that you easily verify your email. does allow users to create more than one account on a device.


Is Legit is a promise and fail website, which does not pay you after completing their tasks.


Therefore, the website is not legit and you shouldn’t waste your time on it.


Is Scam

You must have been determined to earn on this platform , that is why we don’t want you to waste your determination on it because it is a scam.

Gamesrez is a fake website, which does not pay what you earn on its platform. Do not be convinced by any payment proof displayed on the website.


The site even convinces its users that they are facing a lot of pressure on their site regarding sending payments. All payments will be sent to members. Sorry for any inconvenience. Continue earning money by completing offers.

And they end up not paying their users.


Anyways, that is our conclusion on the website. We will bring to you more information about as it unfolds.

If you still find it hard to navigate through the website. Drop your question below.