How Acmeros Works

by Ebubechukwu Okoli

How Acmeros Works

Have you been struggling to make money online? Do you wish to earn money from the comfort of your bed without having to work all day?


Acmeros provides people with opportunity to take advantage of the internet and make it a way of making extra cash just by performing activities online.


Read this piece to the end and we will show you how to make over six figures monthly using Acmeros.



Acmeros is a visionary organization operated by a team of well-experienced online affiliate entrepreneurs. This organization has created a social media platform called Acmeros aimed at providing a source of income and employment for its registered members.



With an alarming rate of increase in the number of people on social media networks that don’t make money online, the organization has taken it upon itself to provide a simple yet highly rewarding means of making money for everyone.


Acmeros was designed to solve these needs and over the years, we have lived to our words and put smile on the faces of our esteemed members.




I know the big question on your mind right now is “if this platform is legit, then how do they earn their own money, make profits and still share that profits with me”. This and many more of your questions I will answer provided you read this page till the end.


Acmeros aims at providing an easy means of income for everybody regardless of race, tribe, age or location. They are able to this by making money from blogging. As a team of bloggers, we are willing to pay back to our registered members. We also earn from hosting ads from other web sites on our platform to generate traffic to their site and we are paid when people visit their own site.

As a registered member, you make money on Acmeros in several ways:


Registration Bonus of 1000  ACM immediately you register on the site

Fantastic right? We are not done. Read on!




  • For every daily login, you earn 300.
  • Reading any post earns you  150
  • Comment on any post earns you 100
  • You are to earn 20 for every shared post.

And just when you think we are done with means of earning, see another easy means below:



Acmeros pays you for inviting your friends, relatives, and even your enemies’ lol to join the platform. We pay 0.20 USD as referral bonus for every person that registers using your registration link.

NOTE: Referral is MUST. We pay All earners  completely. No stories. No hassles


Before you conclude, read our last means of earning:

You earn 30USD  for being the best affiliate of the MONTH  15 USD  if your are the second affiliate

Most Active member earn 20USD every MONTH

When Do I Get Paid?

Referral earnings are cashed out Together with your ACM POINT  Every 1st of every month  with minimum withdrawal 30,000 ACM  AND WITH 50USD

30,000 ACM is 30$ if you convert it 

so  30,000 ACM +  $50   referrals = Total is $80 



  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer


Do I Get Paid Without Referrals ?

NO ! you must  refer with $50 earnings are definitely paid and paid completely by Acmeros.


How Do I Get paid After Registration?

After registering, you earn money and once it is time for withdrawal, simply request from your dashboard and get paid within 24hours. Very fast and easy.


Can Anybody Register on Acmeros

Yes! Anybody can register on this platform irrespective of the age, race, tribe etc. provided you have an internet connect and any device such as phone, laptop etc.


How Much Do I Need to register?  IS FREE


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